Jamaican IT experts form alliance

Jamaica Observer
Friday, July 12, 2013

A new body has been formed representing a working group of local information technology (IT) service providers, software developers and consultancy and advisory services. The group is called the Jamaica Information Technology and Services Alliance (JITSA).

Given the importance of IT to the national agenda and economically, there is a great need to provide the government, industry and media with more structured access to the extraordinary knowledge, talents and networks of IT experts who have been working in Jamaica for decades, JITSA said in a press release.

"The timing and purpose of JITSA's formation is a recognition of the unique challenges Jamaica faces at the moment, as well as the increasing importance that information technology plays in national development and the creation of high-quality jobs," the group said.

"Now, more than ever, private and public sectors are forced to look to IT as a means of organisational transformation, leading to economic recovery and growth. The urgency of this need is further supported by the 2013 Global Information Technology Report produced by the World Economic Forum where Jamaica is ranked 85th in global network readiness," added JITSA.

The umbrella organisation said it is focused on driving the growth of the local IT industry with an eye to increasing its contribution to national GDP.

JITSA's mission is to promote the adoption and development of IT in Jamaica by continuing to enhance the capabilities and capacity of local providers.

"Through interaction with the public and key corporate and government decision-makers, the organisation will play a pivotal role in promoting value creation within the industry and growing equity for employees, citizens and investors in the local public and private sectors. Key to its mandate is to also increase the capabilities of the country's local talent, human assets and related resources," the group said.

Currently the working group consists of 30-plus locally registered IT companies, both local and international, including representation from existing industry organisations such as the Jamaica Computer Society and the Jamaica Information Technology & Communications Association (JITCA). Its growing membership comprises a vibrant cross-section of local entrepreneurs, regional IT joint venture companies and global product and service providers.

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